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I Would Like To Thank The Academy …

*pkt* *pkt* … is this thing on? *screeeee* Well … I’ve have to say that I never expected to be bringing this blog back to life, much less to be doing so to accept an award. But, thanks to the … Continue reading

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PS: Reliving the Concerts via Audience Recordings

[UPDATE: 29 January 2011 — a twelfth recording from Leonard’s 2010 Australian tour has just been distributed online. The recording is from the final show in Perth. In My Little World, this is exciting news :-)] OK, I have known … Continue reading

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The most minor of calamities

So … in the early hours of Saturday morning, sometime between me getting back to my hotel from ania’s post-concert party and waking up, my room got slightly flooded. As mentioned before, rain has been the order of the day … Continue reading

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Leaving Bris-Vegas

Well, after a very whirlwind trip to Brisbane (I was in the city less than 24 hours, but still managed to take in an incredible Cohen concert and a range of other nifty things) … this morning it was time … Continue reading

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Travel from Auckland to Wellington, Part 2

The second half of my trip from Auckland to Wellington ended up taking a lot longer than expected, because we took a very indirect route. In part this was planned — we wanted to see a truly unique NZ attraction … Continue reading

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