I Would Like To Thank The Academy …

*pkt* *pkt* … is this thing on? *screeeee*

Well … I’ve have to say that I never expected to be bringing this blog back to life, much less to be doing so to accept an award. But, thanks to the amazing generosity of Arlene Dick (aka the absolute centre of the Leonard Cohen blogging world), that is exactly what I am doing. Arlene has been kind enough to bestow upon this blog the:


Wow .. I am speechless. As a small token of thanks to Arlene, I’d ask anyone who is not already a daily visitor to her excellent Leonard Cohen blog, OnBoogieStreet, click over there right now. Hers is truly one of the most informative pages of frequent updates of all the significant events in the LC world (even when things are slow, such as between tours and albums). Every serious Cohen fan should drop by from time to time … as I’m sure Leonard must do himself 🙂

For me, I’ll just take this moment to “lift a happy face to thank her [as] the fiddler fiddles something so sublime” … and head on back to Closing Time.

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1 Response to I Would Like To Thank The Academy …

  1. bridgebud says:

    Let’s hope you will have to reactivate this blog again soon.
    Get ready to change your blog title in…2013?
    One never knows. But one can always hope.

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