PS: Reliving the Concerts via Audience Recordings

[UPDATE: 29 January 2011 — a twelfth recording from Leonard’s 2010 Australian tour has just been distributed online. The recording is from the final show in Perth. In My Little World, this is exciting news :-)]

OK, I have known for a little while that many (actually almost all) of the Down Under Leonard Cohen concerts that I attended were recorded by audience members who have subsequently shared their recordings online. I haven’t mentioned this fact here before, because I’m not really sure of the legal status of music recordings made and shared in this way. But, since people seem to be talking a lot about these over on the Leonard Cohen Forum (and in some cases giving out download links for them), I figure there’s no harm in pointing readers of this blog to the relevant forum threads where such information and links can be found.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more about the unofficial live recordings of Leonard’s wonderful shows in Australia and New Zealand, point your browser here. The summary list included in this post, BTW, also includes links to audience recordings for some of the European concerts earlier in the year. It’s not 100% up-to-date, however: it doesn’t include the recently-issued recording of Sydney (8 November) and a few shows from the American leg which closed the tour.

Usual disclaimers apply: none of the postings in the Forum thread are mine; none of the files linked to are hosted on this blog, or even actually on the LC Forum site. Please don’t ask me questions about downloading — or otherwise obtaining — these music files. All the information you’ll need is in the forum thread I’ve linked to. Please read what people have posted, and if you are having difficulties ask the kind people on the forum for assistance.

Packaging for the Down Under Recordings

In the meantime, the existence of these (unofficial) “Live CDs” capturing Leonard’s tour Down Under has given me an idea for a new project. It would be fantastic to also have associated CD Packaging (booklets, disc labels and tray slips) for these unofficial discs. So, I figured I’d make some, using the photos and concert reports from this blog. You can check out my work here: but, be warned I’ve really only just started this time-consuming process, so the list of finished packaging is still far from complete (2 complete sets at time of writing, with 9 more to go). I’m making these designs pretty much for my own gratification, but if someone finds them interesting or handy for their own personal (i.e., non-commercial) use, that would be an added bonus.

BTW you can also get to the “CD Packaging” page directly from my blog home page, by clicking the link just below the header picture.

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