(Blog) Closing Time

Well, the great Leonard Cohen World Tour 2008-2009-2010 is now officially over. His magical month of concerts in Australia and New Zealand is now just a very pleasant memory — sure it only wound up three weeks ago, but on the blog-o-sphere, three weeks is forever :-).

All of this makes me think it’s time to shut up shop on writing this blog and turn it over to being a kind of time capsule documenting Leonard’s “great affair” Down Under.

To help anyone who is interested in delving back into the various concert reports and photos that I have published on this blog, I have put together a “table of contents” of a sort, by way of the itinerary page

Before I sign off for good, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the many Leonard Cohen fans who I’ve had the rare privilege of meeting, either in person or online, as I pursued my crazy dream of following the tour for a month. Everyone I’ve spoken with has been so friendly and warm; it added an extra (somewhat unexpected) pleasurable dimension to travelling around.

In (rough) chronological order I would like to thank: Bev (B4Real), Karen (wombat writer), Andrew Darby and friends, Matt James and partner, notjustadoll, Ania and her band of friends and family, AlanM and his group of Adelaide converts, Helena (aka Leonard’s “#1 Fan”) and husband, Pete (skipper1967) and wife, Wendy (Mabeanie1) and husband, Ann (womanfromaroom) and Greg Ross. Meeting you all was a wonderful and unique experience.

I also had the great pleasure of corresponding with some lovely folks from various online Leonard Cohen communities. Most notable of these was Arlene Dick (bridger15) who is somewhat of a celebrity in the LC Fan world, partly because of her unwavering enthusiasm as a concert videographer, and partly because of her remarkable blog.

While on the topic of blogs … anyone who has an interest in Leonard and the literary works he inspires, should definitely also check out Karen Lee Thompson’s blog. I was lucky enough to briefly meet Karen (under the pseudonym wombat writer) at the Brisbane concert, but since then I’ve read enough to become quite intrigued by her upcoming novel, 8 States of Catastrophe, which has a definite LC connection …

Finally … a blanket thank-you to everyone who has read this collection of somewhat random musings about my Leonard Cohen travels. I hope you’ve found it to be interesting, or amusing, or somehow worthy of your attention (even if only briefly).

Now, to start planning for the lcdownunder2012 blog 🙂

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2 Responses to (Blog) Closing Time

  1. Wow, thanks for the very kind wrap Dean.
    I simply reiterate…what a fantastic job you have done in keeping the magic alive for those of us who managed just one concert.
    And please don’t forget to email me a postal address as I would like to send you a copy of the book as a thank you for all you have done for us fans. I’m not sure what is easiest. There’s a spot on my website you can email me privately if you like: http://www.karenleethompson.com. I would really like to keep in contact.
    Thanks again. All the best.

  2. Arlene Dick says:

    Dean, I just happened upon your 2010 closing post and I am humbly overwhelmed. What a nice thing to say about me. I missed your closing post back then because I was on my way to Florida that day.
    I was very impressed, no… make that enthralled, with following your 2010 Leonard Cohen adventure down under. I could hardly wait every day to link to your blog. And anticipation heightens realization. You always came through with yet another treasure.
    As for this last post, I particularly liked your closing line, “Now, to start planning for the lcdownunder2012 blog”. Right on! Go Dean, Go!

    Arlene Dick (bridger15)

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