I Went So Far For Beauty

Well, I’m now back in Adelaide at the end of my long month of travelling around Australia and New Zealand to see Leonard and the band perform.

As I’ve travelled around I’ve spoken to a lot of Cohen fans at the shows, and explained what I have been doing (in a way that doesn’t make me sound like a complete lunatic … hopefully). Overwhelmingly the people I’ve spoken to have asked me two main questions:

  1. How much does all this cost?
  2. How far do you travel?

Speaking with a few others who have done similar things, I have been given the clear advice never to even try to calculate the answer to the first of these questions. It sounds like good advice, so I’m sticking with it.

But I was a bit curious as to how many kilometres I covered in my journeying around. So I added it up — the working is in the table below (for those who want to marvel at my mathematical abilities :-)). The answer … over 19000Km. In non-metric, about 11850 miles. Or just a little under half the circumferance of the earth …

Sheesh … Australia and New Zealand are BIG places.

From To Distance (km) Note
Adelaide Sydney 1165
Sydney Auckland 2160
Auckland Napier 419 drive
Napier Wellington 350 drive
Wellington Melbourne 2579
Melbourne Adelaide 655
Adelaide Brisbane 1599
Brisbane Sydney 728
Sydney Adelaide 1165
Adelaide Melbourne 655
Melbourne Hobart 601
Hobart Melbourne 601
Melbourne Adelaide 655
Adelaide Melbourne 655
Melbourne Hanging Rock 70 drive
Hanging Rock Melbourne 70 drive
Melbourne Adelaide 655
Adelaide Perth 2138
Perth Adelaide 2138
TOTAL 19058
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