Photos from Perth (24 November)

Aproaching nib Stadium … with generously overflowing merch stand in foreground:

Before the support act went on, I spotted Roscoe making a brief visit to the stage … out of uniform. I guess this was before they hit wardrobe:

Another in the Classic Black & White portrait series — Roscoe:

Not long after the sun went down, I noticed that Venus was very clear overhead thanks to a cloudless sky. This let me line up this shot with two different types of stars sharing the one photo (and before anyone corrects me, yes I know that Venus isn’t a star … it’s poetic license, ok):

I mentioned in a concert report a couple of weeks back (it might have been Brisbane) that Dino does some interesting little detail parts in Anthem. Here’s him playing a Rain Stick:

Tonight when Leonard sang “I stepped into an Avalanche”, 11000 Western Australians followed him in:

The band sing Hallelujah bathed in a halo of light:

I’ve been trying to get this shot at every single concert … finally I got lucky. Here’s an action photo of Rafael flinging his drumstick into the air at the crescendo of I Tried To Leave You:

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