Meandering Around Perth

After arriving in the beautiful city of Perth, I had a few hours to spare before tonight’s concert so decided to take a bit of a stroll around town. Perth is one of those places I would imagine those outside of Australia (and even lots of people inside Australia) would be less familiar with. That’s mainly because … well, its a looong way from anywhere. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting … far from it!

Perth is famous for being sunny … today is an excellent example:

The place to be in Perth on a nice day is out on the beautiful Swan River. You’ll notice that despite the fact that this is mid-afternoon on a Wednesday, there are still folks taking their yachts out for a spin. I don’t know what kind of job these people have that allows them to do this … oh, waitaminit, maybe I shouldn’t talk :-):

One of the tourist attractions down by the river is this big glass and metal thingamy called the Bell Tower. I figured this would be a good place to look for some “bells that still can ring” … and I was right:

I’ve always found that when navigating an unfamiliar city, the best rule is to follow ALL street signs … that’s why I took this photo:

Not long now until gates open at the nib Stadium … I’d better get my stuff ready!

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