Last Journey

Well the bags are packed ready to head to Perth for this evening’s Leonard Cohen show, which marks the end of the Down Under tour. Of course, by this point the process of “packing the bags” is mostly down to picking up the backpack I dropped in a corner three days ago and slinging it over my shoulder … 🙂

This is the last of the twelve concerts I’ll be attending, and the last of the five legs of interstate / international travel I’ll be doing to see Leonard perform.

The weather forecast for Perth still looks pretty enticing, sunny and 29C … so it should be a great day for an outdoor stadium concert. I haven’t been to Perth for some years, but it’s a city that’s very beautiful, particularly on a sunny day, so here’s hoping that Leonard and the crew (not to mention me) get to see some of the Perth sights at their most photogenic.

All going well I’m hoping to meet up with two different groups of Leonard Cohen Forum folk at the concert … this is always fun.

Counting the hours … but also dreading the fact that by tomorrow the tour will be over.

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