Photos from Hanging Rock, Part 4: Hunting the Joey and Other Sports

After you’ve been to many of these concerts back to back, and taken lots of photos at each, you start to look for new and interesting elements of the night to capture on film (err .. SD Card).

For the Hanging Rock concert I invented a new game for myself, “Hunting the Joey” (and no I don’t mean the kangaroo variety, although as an earlier photo set shows those were present too :-)). Many readers  would be familiar with the photo blog which the UHTC tour manager Joey Carenza has been maintaining throughout the whole of the 2010 tour. The man works tirelessly to bring us photos of the back-stage goings-on as well as interesting perspectives on the performances. I thought, given the man’s superlative efforts, it’s only fair that fans should get a small glimpse of the photo blogger at work — fortunately the way the Hanging Rock stage was set up (“back stage” was really only separated from the crowd by the flimsiest of curtains) made this pretty easy.

Here’s Joey madly blogging away after having taken some pictures of the first support act, Dan Sultan. Notice Dino is also watching Dan’s performance from side of stage:

OK, so it’s out of focus (sorry, this man is *quick*) … but here’s Joey in the area between the crowd barrier and the stage, just after snapping an extremely rapid photo of Paul Kelly:

Later on, when things started getting colder, Joey watched the performance for a while from the “behind the veil” area to the crowd’s left of stage. Of course he still had his camera phone in hand:

As well as chasing pictures of Joey, I also spent a little time trying to line up some (more) photos of the “White Man Dancing” and “White Girls Dancing” moves from The Future. Here’s Roscoe mid-twirl as Leonard sings the former line:

… and here’s the Webb Sisters just coming out of another flawless synchronised cartwheel:

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