Photos from Hanging Rock, Part 3: The Crowd Is Hot

Being part of an audience of 15000 at an outdoor concert is quite a unique experience, and particularly when many people have been heartily drinking throughout the afternoon tends to generate a more energetic and buzzing vibe to a show. Hanging Rock had that kind of feel to it — even despite the cold weather fans were loud and demonstrative of their love for Leonard and the music being played.

This picture goes some way towards conveying the size of the crowd, although it actually spread a long way back in all directions:

When pretty much all the roadies and other backstage guys start coming up on stage with cameras to photograph the crowd, you start getting the idea that the view from the stage is pretty spectactular. Here, one of the UHTC is snapping the audience in the break between Paul Kelly and Leonard, while Bob does some last minute tuning of the Pedal Steel:

Having spoken with her briefly in Adelaide, it was good to see that “Leonard’s #1 Fan” had, like me, made the long trip over to see him play Hanging Rock:

Another picture that conveys to some degree the size of the crowd:

One of several standing ovations:

Security had quite a busy time down the front, trying to stop people from getting up and dancing (I assume because it prevented others from seeing). One particularly memorable situation occurred during Take This Waltz when a young couple got up and waltzed in an aisle not front from where I was sitting. Security quickly shut them down, but then themselves got howled down by a big group of fans who *wanted* to see the dancers waltz. So they got back up and continued, as shown here:

During the standing ovations, the cameras scanned the crowd to put up images on the big screen. One of them latched on to Helena, Leonard’s “#1 Fan” (who is actually a lovely lady BTW), and put her in pride of place on the screen:

For pretty much the entire encore set the crowd up the front stayed on its feet throughout. This is the only Aus or NZ show where anything like this has happened. Here’s Famous Blue Raincoat with an adoring audience on its feet:

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One Response to Photos from Hanging Rock, Part 3: The Crowd Is Hot

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Dean,
    May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your detailed concert reviews and the wonderful photo’s you have added here and on the forum these past weeks. Your great efforts are very much appreciated.

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