Photos from Hanging Rock, Part 2: The Weather Is Cold

While the daytime temperature at the Hanging Rock site was very comfortable — maybe even slightly warm. Probably somewhere around 28C (~90F). I even had to put sunscreen on for fear of getting burned. But as the sun dipped behind the stage and eventually below the horizon, it just kept getting colder and colder.

Right from the very beginning, Leonard and the band seemed to be expecting the cold. The Webb Sisters had a little fan heater set up in front of them, even during the daytime set:

Sun sets behind the Rock … now it’s starting to get seriously cooler:

When they came back from intermission, the Webb Sisters were equipped with scarves. A couple of songs later, they got heavy overcoats too!:

Into the encores … the whole band is starting to look serious cold. Fair enough too, so was I:

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