Headline from Hanging Rock: Like A Diamond, It Was Cold But Brilliant

Wow … with a venue this beautiful and a crowd this rapturous, Leonard’s show at Hanging Rock could have been an absolutely sublime event. It didn’t reach these heights, however, purely due to the way the temperature plummeted as the sun was setting. You could see Leonard and band pluckily forging ahead through a (cut down) second set and a couple of encores, but even with scarves and heavy coats they were obviously freezing. The billowing breeze through the stage area probably didn’t help. I think that LC and the Webbs may have been a bit concerned for their voices holding out, singing in such conditions, and this (plus the general discomfort) led to the later sets being abbreviated (set list below).

The cold weather, however, didn’t stop the crowd from going absolutely nuts over Leonard’s performance, right through to the end. Even though it was equally freezing in the audience area, people were still cheering for more even as Leonard and the girls were probably racing back stage to get a warm drink to soothe their raspy throats!

Oh … and no Sharon again!

(Lots) more to report later, but that’s the headline news!

Set List

Hanging Rock (20 November 2010)

Set 1

01 Dance Me To The End Of Love
02 The Future
03 Ain’t No Cure For Love
04 Bird On The Wire
05 Everybody Knows
06 Who By Fire
07 The Darkness
08 Chelsea Hotel #2
09 Waiting For The Miracle
10 Anthem

Set 2

12 Tower of Song
13 Suzanne
14 Sisters Of Mercy
15 The Gypsy’s Wife
16 The Partisan
17 Hallelujah
18 I’m Your Man
19 A Thousand Kisses Deep [recitation]
20 Take This Waltz

Encore 1

21 So Long, Marianne
22 First We Take Manhattan

Encore 2

23 Famous Blue Raincoat
24 If It Be Your Will
25 Closing Time

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One Response to Headline from Hanging Rock: Like A Diamond, It Was Cold But Brilliant

  1. Max says:

    Ummm, I don’t know what constitutes a sublime show for you, but it must be hard living life with standards so high… It was nothing but pure perfection, the most beautiful thing I have seen , the full moon, hanging rock, the temperature has nothing to do with the show what so ever, how could you feel cold watching something so alive?

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