Back Home in Adelaide … for a few days, anyway

I was lucky enough today to have late flights from Hobart back to Adelaide. This meant that I got to enjoy a lovely day of sunshine in Hobart (after the previous two being wet and wintery).  The place looks even more charming under sun, and it’s a shame that the UHTC were leaving just as the weather was changing …

[Aside: this isn’t some kind of hokey paid commercial thingamy … but I thought I should share the fact that the hotel I stayed at in Hobart — the Fountainside — was amazing. I saw it recommended very highly on tripadvisor. Nice to see reality matching up with forum reviews. Plus they had cheap and plentiful breakfasts, inexpensive internet, and a mini-bar that wasn’t a total rip-off (what *are* these people thinking, running a hotel like this? :-)) ]

So, anyway, I’m now back home for the rest of the week, but have the enormous good fortune of having Leonard in my home town for a performance on Thursday. I can hardly wait!

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