Photos from Melbourne, Night 2

On the second night at the Rod Laver Arena I was seated a little further away, but on one of the lower tiered sections. This gave a reasonable view for photos … so I was able to snap a few reasonable pictures.

Approaching Rod Laver, just passing the infamous Tram Stop which was the “muster point” for the fan-meet on Friday night:

All the singers, lined up, dancing us to the end of love:

The first of two bouquets that got placed up on stage:

Another pic of the Webb Sisters in mid-cartwheel — I’m going to stop with these now (maybe moving on to catching Roscoe mid-twirl 😀 ):

The Rod Laver Arena was packed to capacity … but everyone was on their feet at the end of Set 2:

A welcome return … the Webb Sisters sing If It Be Your Will:

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One Response to Photos from Melbourne, Night 2

  1. Merern says:

    Thanks so much for describing the night so well, the joy and the shivers down the spine from the night. A night which just my appreciation of this fantastic 76 year- young man whose music has inspired, sustained, reassured and accompanied me for over 30 years.

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