Arrived in Hobart

Well … not only have I’ve made it to Hobart, but I have also rendezvoused with Cathy (from Adelaide) who has flown from Adelaide to come along to the Hobart show.

For those who are less familiar with Australia … Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, the little triangle shaped island thingy down the bottom of Australia (famous for devils and tigers I guess). Tassie’s mostly an unspoiled wilderness, an absolutely glorious place to visit. It’s also somewhere that isn’t very heavily populated — Hobart, for example only has about 200,000 people. So you can imagine what a buzz it is to have a Leonard Cohen in such a place.

Unfortunately the weather in Hobart today is a bit cold and rainy … so not the best day to go sight-seeing. But, without anything much else to do, Cathy and I went for a bit of a wander anyway. Here’s a couple of pics:

Hobart airport is small enough that (a) there’s only one runway, and (b) you have to walk across tarmac to get to the terminal. At least there’s a nice sign welcoming you!

I will leave it to somebody more versed in Aussie vernacular to explain why a business (apparently a burger restaurant) would name itself this … personally I’ve got nothing:

The Hobart waterfront, looking back across the CBD:

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