The most minor of calamities

So … in the early hours of Saturday morning, sometime between me getting back to my hotel from ania’s post-concert party and waking up, my room got slightly flooded. As mentioned before, rain has been the order of the day here in Melbourne, and it would seem that a blocked drain in an adjacent courtyard area lead to some flooding into the building, which in turn made the carpets in one corner of the room pretty wet.

Thankfully, nothing particularly valuable or electronic was sitting on the floor in this corner of the room (like, say, my recharging laptop that was on the floor elsewhere in the room — lesson for next hotel). But … well, there was a slight casualty:

But, before people get *too* concerned about the destruction of my (inkjet-printed) lanyard … I do have several more of these at home. But it does mean that for the second Melbourne show and the Hobart concert, I’ll be wearing one of the smaller, non-personalised, forum lanyards.

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