Photos from Melbourne, Night 1

Sadly, I was without the services of my normal photographer sidekick (Cathy (from Adelaide)), so I had to juggle between note-taking and photo-taking while somehow still listening to the concert. I think I did ok …

The heavens opened just as fans were making their way to the arena … this photo captures pretty well the “mad dash” that I and many other were forced to do to avoid being drenched:

“Let me come into your storm” — Rod Laver Arena under rain:

Clare Bowditch again did a great job as a support act — here she is showing off her ability to clap without her hands touching:

A shadow hovering over Javier Mas during the introduction to Who By Fire:

The tiered seating at Rod Laver has little lights at the end of rows to let you see the row number … these stay on during the performance, meaning that looking up from the stage or the floor, you see several little rows of “landing lights”:

The wider view:

Leonard’s much-celebrated keyboard solo:

New lighting for A Singer Must Die. Very Fritz Lang šŸ™‚

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