Six Down, Six To Go

So, I have just arrived back in Adelaide for a brief two-day home stop. I’m slightly sorry that I will be missing Leonard’s second Sydney show, although given the nature of the venue … maybe I’m happier having saved a few hundred dollars.

I am now officially half way through my programme of Cohen concerts, having seen six shows.

Next stop is Melbourne for two shows (this Friday and Saturday), then Hobart on Monday the 15th.

It’s proving to be quite an exhausting schedule of travel, not to mention a lot of late nights (I usually try to get most of the write ups done straight after the shows). I am surviving mainly on caffeine. But … seeing so many performances by Leonard and his band in short succession is incredible. In the words of a lady in front of me last night as I was filing out of the Acer Arena: “Leonard’s performances are like a special kind of a drug, that stays with you for days.”

I guess I need to now spend a few days back at the office, to start paying off my next hit.

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