Photos from Brisbane, 6 November

I was located quite close to the front of the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, but a little off to the right hand side of the auditorium. It was a good location for my gf, the now world reknowned :-), Cathy (from Adelaide) to snap some excellent pictures during the first set. A big no-thank-you-at-all, though, to the haughty middle-aged guy sitting next to her who insisted that she stop taking photos about 7 or 8 songs into the concert.

The Brisbane Entertainment Centre is situated in the middle of a large reserve of native Australian trees … the car parks are sort of nestled into the woodland. It makes for quite an interesting experience — even when quite close to the arena it looks like you’re trekking through the outback. Notice that despite the relatively early time (a bit before 7PM), it’s already starting to get dark — this is because Queensland doesn’t really believe in daylight savings …

Lots of people assembling outside the venue … entirely unaware of the kangaroo-tossing spectacular event that they were going to be part of …

Leonard and the girls sing “Dance Me To The End Of Love”:

The Incandescent Webb Sisters, just a blur as they come out of another successful exercise in acrobatics:

“I’m Your Fan” … Leonard sings in front of one of the electic fans pointing at Neil Larsen:

Rafael … devoid of facial hair:

Cathy (from Adelaide) was doing some experimentation with trying to get some portraits of Leonard and the girls in classic Black & White. I think they turned out pretty well:

She even managed to snap a nice Black & White Dino:

An action shot of the now-infamous kangaroo incident. Leonard picks up the soft toy and puts it up on an amp behind him:

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