Travel from Auckland to Wellington, Part 2

The second half of my trip from Auckland to Wellington ended up taking a lot longer than expected, because we took a very indirect route. In part this was planned — we wanted to see a truly unique NZ attraction (see below) — but in part it was due to my SatNav sending me down a road which was longer and windier than needed. I got to see a LOT of (very green and beautiful) NZ pastureland. All up, our trip from Napier to Wellington took somewhere close to 6 hours.

Again this has nothing much to do with Leonard Cohen, but here are a couple of pictures from our day.

Napier has many, many beautiful old buildings … so why does the official earthquake museum look like this:

OK, it’s sad that I get so excited about this … but, NZ is the home to (one of) the world’s longest place name. It’s a fairly unremarkable hill, and it’s a long way from anywhere, but I just had to pay it a quick visit:

If any readers (particularly UK-ers, Aussies or New Zealanders) are of the right age, they may recognize this place name as the very long name spoken as part of the intro theme to a season of Kenny Everett’s TV show in the 1970s.

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2 Responses to Travel from Auckland to Wellington, Part 2

  1. Doug says:

    Pity poor Leonard if he ever played there and had to name check the place during Hallelujah!

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