Travel from Auckland to Wellington, Part 1

So, looking at the pictures on Joey’s tumblr page, Leonard and the crew travelled today by air from Auckland to Wellington. Having a little more luxury of time (since I don’t have sound checks and rehearsals), I decided to do the same trip by land … and to split it over two days, going via a more scenic route. As Joey notes on his page, things are far apart in this part of the world so it does take quite a while to get from A to B by road. I always find NZ country driving particularly deceptive … even things that seem close on a map can take hours to get to because of big mountains in the way, or insanely windy roads, or … all sorts of other things.

But the countryside is almost always eye-poppingly stunning, so you don’t mind the fact that you spend hours in the car. This is what LC and crew won’t see (well, not really … at least not in much detail).

So anyway, after about 5.5 hours of driving from Auckland, I’m about half way … in Napier, a small city on the East Coast (famous for its many many Art Deco buildings).

Recognizing this has very little to do with the the subject matter of this forum … here are just a couple of pictures from my driving day, to give forum readers a small taste of my travels.

Low on human fuel (caffeine) in the early afternoon we made a short stop by Lake Taupo to fill up. Notice how sunny it looks (although the temperature was already much, much cooler than in Auckland):

On the road to Napier …

The weather in this part of the world can change pretty quickly. Here’s the view just a few moments later:

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